Special care


Herb Smooth Shampoo 440ml

US$ 25.99
A balancing shampoo for oily or flat hair
Sale -6%

Dr Hair & Scalp Treatment 224ml/8oz

US$ 31.64
US$ 33.90
A gentle hair loss treatment shampoo for men & women
Sale -18%

Redenical Scalp Revitalizing Essence (For Men) 60ml/2oz

US$ 39.55
US$ 48.59
A revitalizing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & anti-hair loss essence for men
Sale -20%

Infra Thermal Protective Treatment

US$ 9.04
US$ 11.30
An ultra nourishing & protective conditioning treatment

No. 2 Bond Perfector 2000ml/67.62oz

US$ 163.85
A bond multiplier that builds & repairs damaged hair to restore the integrity
Sale -17%

3D Intensive Diamax Advanced Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment

US$ 53.11
US$ 64.41
A texturizing treatment for thinning hair
Sale -9%

Elujuda Limber Serum 120ml/4.1oz

US$ 36.73
US$ 40.68
A base oil serum designed to nourish hair from the roots, leading to more manageable locks
IT'S A 10

Miracle Leave-In Lite

US$ 48.03
A high performance leave-in treatment for incredible hair immediately
Storia Maro

3D Volume Up Shampoo Ex Cool Shampoo 400ml/13.5oz

US$ 24.86
A volumizing & cooling shampoo for men
Sale -32%

PhytoKeratine Repairing Care Mask (Damaged and Brittle Hair) 150ml/5.29oz

US$ 22.04
US$ 32.77
A creamy, deeply conditioning mask for damaged & brittle hair

Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate (Leave-In) 60ml/2oz

US$ 65.54
A high-performance consolidating leave-in hair & scalp serum
Mixim Potion

Repair Treatment Sakura 440ml

US$ 24.86
A nourishing, volumizing & glow-boosting hair treatment
Sale -18%

RE:UNITE Conditioner 236ml/8oz

US$ 31.64
US$ 38.99
A lightweight yet extremely reparative conditioner
Sale -16%

Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes Recovery Shampoo

US$ 14.13
US$ 16.95
A medium-weight recovery shampoo for dry & damaged hair
IT'S A 10

Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

US$ 26.56
Offers maintenance of keratin straightening treatments
Sale -5%
Sale -13%

Resistance Force Architecte Reconstructing Masque (For Brittle, Very Damaged...

US$ 107.35
US$ 124.30
A hair-rebuilding & reinforcing treatment masque

Young.Again (Immortelle Infused Treatment Oil) 100ml/3.4oz

US$ 53.11
A lightweight leave-in hair treatment oil
Paul Mitchell

Super Skinny Relaxing Balm (Smoothes Texture - Lightweight) 200ml/6.8oz

US$ 33.90
Formulated with Super Skinny Complex that displaces water & constricts hair

Acidic Moisture Concentrate 500ml/16.9oz

US$ 124.30
An exclusive moisturizing concentrated treatment for damaged or over processed hair
Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Special Conditioner (Invigorating Conditioner)

US$ 32.77
Instantly softens hair surface with fast-acting conditioners
Sale -8%

Hair Fibers Spray Applicator

US$ 11.87
US$ 13.00
Hair Fibers Spray Applicator
Sale -28%

Semi Di Lino Sublime Essential Oil (All Hair Types) (Unboxed)

US$ 45.20
US$ 63.28
An instant repairing hair treatment oil
Sale -36%

BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Treatment (For Normal to Dry Hair)

US$ 21.47
US$ 33.90
An intensive weekly treatment for dry, brittle or curly hair
Sale -45%

8 Seconds Salon Hair Volume Ampoule 15mlx10pcs

US$ 14.69
US$ 27.12
A volumizing, hydrating & nourishing hair ampoule that works in just 8 seconds

Silky Smooth Moisture Shampoo 440ml

US$ 25.99
A smoothing shampoo that detangles & straightens hair
Sale -7%
Sexy Hair Concepts

Strong Sexy Hair Core Flex Anti-Breakage Leave-In Reconstructor 250ml/8.5oz

US$ 19.78
US$ 21.47
A strengthening leave-in treatment for distressed hair

Ionic Color Lock Treatment

US$ 26.56
An instant treatment after every color & chemical service
Paul Mitchell

Platinum Blonde Toning Spray (Cools Brassiness - Eliminates Warmth) 150ml/5.1oz

US$ 33.90
An enhancing shampoo for blonde, white & silver-colored hair

Nt Nourishing Treatment 224ml/8oz

US$ 28.25
A moisturizing hair & scalp shampoo for men & women
Sale -40%

Expert Color and Scalp Shampoo 200ml/6.7oz

US$ 16.95
US$ 28.25
An organic shampoo with 98% natural ingredients for all hair types
Billy Jealousy

Typhoon Tango Tea Tree Conditioner (Energizing Conditioner) 1000ml/33.8oz

US$ 66.67
An energizing, subtly scented conditioner for men
Sale -20%

BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Silver Shampoo (For Grey & Lightened Hair)

US$ 18.08
US$ 22.60
An extra-mild shampoo for grey & lightened hair
Sale -3%

Dry Scalp Treatment - Dry 45ml/1.5oz

US$ 43.51
US$ 45.20
A professional scalp treatment
Sale -27%

Nutritive Masquintense Exceptionally Concentrated Nourishing Treatment (For...

US$ 51.42
US$ 71.19
A nutritive & hydrating concentrated mask
Paul Mitchell

Forever Blonde Conditioner (Intense Hydration - KerActive Repair)

US$ 28.25
A color preserving conditioner for blonde hair
Sale -26%
Macadamia Natural Oil

Professional Nourishing Repair Conditioner (Medium to Coarse Textures)

US$ 21.47
US$ 29.38
A nourishing, hydrating & replenishing conditioner

Color Depositing Mask - # Rose Gold 200ml/6.7oz

US$ 35.60
An easy-to-use, nourishing temporary color mask

Jemile Fran Beautifying Treatment - Silky & Shiny (For Fine Hair)

US$ 56.50
A moisturizing & replenishing hair treatment for fine hair
Sale -23%

Radiance Argan Conditioner 240ml/8.1oz

US$ 16.39
US$ 21.47
A softening conditioner that moisturizes & smooths hair

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